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I think you're doing an aces job actually. Although it doesn't relate to location, there are many here who secretly(or not so secretly) wish you included a "kink" section in each state. Cheers to you.


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Recommend needs to be at the top of the review. Debatable if it should be above or below details of provider, but definitely before summary. For example, if I see a review on a new provider, id rather first see if they recommend. That helps determine if I'm gonna read the whole thing. Especially on women I'm not 100% sold on their looks or price point.

We have a like button. I think a dislike button is equally warranted.

Thanks for the rest of the updates. Much appreciated.


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Any thoughts on changing the structure of this forum? Thread tagging to a location (must be tagged to post). Can view all option or filter for specific location. The fear is as things get more granular, some of the sub threads will get less traffic


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Hey everyone,

Need your feedback. Have a look at the new New York forum layout. Does it need any additional tweaks? Any big segment of our community left out? The idea here is to maximize the user experience for our New York members, so if you have suggestions that would help accomplish that further please share. (I'm not talking about new features or anything like that....just the forum layout specifically). For example, when I polled users about forums in the general discussion section, I got a lot of feedback about NY in DMs. What I've set up incorporates 99% of everything requested, but here's a conflict which arose in the suggestions. Some felt Flushing should just be done away with and all that go into a Queens section. Others felt Flushing was deserving of it's own forum with it being the AMP capital of the USA and all....

So, let's hash it out. What are your thoughts? Are we good as is? Any additional private forums needed?
Agreed Flushing separate


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The new format is extremely good. It is very helpful to have a separation between queens, flushing, and Long Island. Excellent work, thank you.